Biden spurns post-Brexit trade deal

Trade deal is not a priority for the Biden Administration

Joe BidenCredit: Simon Dawson 

President Joe Biden has downplayed the chances of negotiating a post-Brexit trade deal with Boris Johnson. Johnson is in the US for the UN General Assembly in New York.

In a meeting at the White House on 21 September, Johnson hoped to negotiate a free trade deal with the US. Biden said that he would discuss the issue “a little bit”, saying, “We’re going to have to work that through.” Downing Street has said a direct deal with the US is a priority.

A free trade deal with the US was an important part of the Brexit argument. Europe was one of the UK’s largest trade partners. In 2019, the UK exported £294 billion of goods and services to the EU. This accounted for 43% of all UK exports. However, trade with the US was almost as integral to the UK economy. In 2019, the UK exported £200 billion of goods to the country.

However, Johnson left the meeting, stating: “The Americans do negotiate very hard.” A free trade deal negotiation with the UK is not a priority for Biden’s Administration.

Johnson is now considering alternative options. Instead of striking a bilateral agreement with Washington, he is attempting to join the US-Canada-Mexico trade deal.

Meanwhile, Biden lifted restrictions on foreign travellers entering the US from November. A move widely regarded as a rushed decision.

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