US lifts Covid travel ban

The Biden Administration lifts Covid travel ban from November

US travel ban liftedCREDIT: Francisco Diez

The US has lifted its Covid travel ban that President Trump implemented in March 2020. It will now admit citizens from the UK, the 26 Schengen countries, as well as from Ireland, Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa and Brazil. Previously, only US citizens, green card holders or those with national interest exemptions (NIE) could enter the country.

The new rules will come into force in November.

Travellers will have to show that they have had both vaccinations and have tested negative for Covid within 72 hours of entering the United States.

According to Our World in Data, the US has successfully vaccinated 53.93% of its population. They have partly vaccinated 9.13% of the population. Therefore, they have vaccinated 63.06% of their population to some degree.

The move comes days after the announcement of AUKUS: the security deal between US, UK and Australia. Australia had previously negotiated a deal with France and were upset by their counterparts. There has been some speculation that the US has opened up its borders to “mollify Europe” after the clash.

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways heavily rely on the US-UK route. After two summers lost to Covid, the major UK airlines hope to be able to provide capacity for an important service.

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