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Deadly game

Palestinians have been kicked around for decades – could football have something to teach politicians on every side?



Hein de Haas

Sociologist and myth-buster Hein de Haas explains how politicians’ pandering to prejudice has backfired
“You cannot have an open liberal market economy and want less immigration at the same time. It just doesn’t work”

The Surveys

Do you think raising the legal age of consent would significantly reduce cases of grooming and/or sexual assault against young people?

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The author Interview

Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse discusses the new women’s prize for non-fiction and her latest novel The Ghost Ship with Helen Brown
“While there was no shortage of women writers getting published, their novels weren’t being honoured like the ones men were writing”
The author Interview

Naomi Alderman

Novelist, gamer and Bailey Women’s Prize winner discusses tech billionaires, apocalypse bunkers, her fans Obama and Gates, and her new book The Future with Helen Brown
“The current generation don’t seem to be using their power for much more than shooting penis-shaped rockets into outer space and spunking money on virtual reality”


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