What the papers say – May 27

Rishi Sunak’s economic support package dominates Friday’s front pages.

27 May 2022

The nation’s papers are led by reaction to the Chancellor announcing £21 billion worth of cost-of-living support for Britons.

The Daily Mail, The Guardian and Daily Express report the financial “splurge” could bring up to £1,500 of relief for the country’s most vulnerable.

The i says every home is to get a £400 cut to their energy bills under the support package.

The move was welcomed by Metro and the Daily Mirror, with the latter saying it is “about time”.

However, the Financial Times reports energy firms have hit out over the scheme’s £5 billion windfall tax on the sector.

The package has also angered environmentalists, according to The Independent, with the Chancellor accused of risking Britain’s world-leading climate reputation over incentives for energy firms to invest in fossil fuel extraction.

The Times says Tories were split on the “tax and spending bonanza”.

The Daily Telegraph carries Mr Sunak’s comments that the package is “more generous than those offered by the Labour Party”.

Meanwhile, The Sun leads with a “wild night out” for former England footballer Andy Carroll.

And the Daily Star carries claims reportedly made by Kremlin propaganda chiefs that UK food supplies had been so badly hit by Western sanctions Brits will have to start eating each other soon. The paper adds that the “bizarre claim” – which was made on a Russian channel “owned by a Vladimir Putin supporter” – is based off a joke Jeremy Clarkson made earlier this month.


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