What the papers say – June 7

The national papers all focus on the result of the confidence vote on the Prime Minister.

07 June 2022

Questions continue about Boris Johnson’s leadership after a poll by his party, according to the front pages.

The Sun says the PM has “just” survived the “night of the blond knives”, The Guardian describes the confidence vote as a “humiliation” and The Daily Telegraph reports the “hollow victory” has left Mr Johnson’s authority “crushed”.

Metro and the Daily Mirror declare the party is “over”, with the latter paper warning the 57-year-old will be “out in a year”.

The Financial Times, i and The Times describe the PM as “wounded”, while the Daily Star says the “Fibber PM” has survived to “lie another day”.

The Daily Express reports the PM is “defiant and unbowed” as the Daily Mail quotes Mr Johnson as vowing to “bash on” and “focus on the things that people want”.

And The Independent looks ahead to Mr Johnson potentially facing further blows in two key by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton later this month.


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