What the papers say – June 16

Further reaction to the cancellation of the first Rwanda deportation flight features on the front pages.

16 June 2022

The nation’s papers are led by the sudden resignation of the Prime Minister’s ethics adviser Lord Geidt.

The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph report the peer said he had been “frustrated” with Boris Johnson’s response to the partygate investigations, and described resignation as a “last resort” that “sends a critical signal into the public domain”.

The story is also carried by Metro and i.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports Justice Secretary Dominic Raab is looking at the possibility of ignoring future rulings from the European Court of Human Rights after its role in blocking the initial Rwanda deportation flight.

The Daily Express says Home Secretary Priti Patel was left “furious” over the court’s “secret” process.

The Independent carries first-hand accounts from some of those who were aboard the cancelled flight.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mirror leads with a plea for a donor heart for a 16-month old girl.

The Financial Times reports the US Federal Reserve has stepped in to try taming the country’s highest inflation in 40 years.

And the Daily Star says scientists have invented a pill to replace exercise.


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