What the papers say – February 16

The front pages focus on developments for the Duke of York and Ukraine border tensions.

16 February 2022

Andrew settling the civil sex assault claim against him for a reported multimillion-pound sum dominates the papers on Wednesday.

The Daily Mirror reports the Duke of York “does £12m deal to halt sex claim”, with The Guardian saying the move spares the royal the “humiliation” of going on trial.

The Daily Mail uses “humiliation” in its headline, while the story is also covered by The Independent and i, as Metro says the the duke “pays up at last”.

“Royal wrong ‘un pays out to sex victim he’s never met. As you do”, states the headline of the Daily Star, with the Daily Express warning “there’s no way back”.

The Daily Telegraph reports the Queen will help pay for the settlement, with The Sun calling the resolution Andrew’s “final disgrace”.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times says Russian leader Vladimir Putin withdrew some of his troops from Ukraine’s border to enable dialogue with the west.

But The Times covers US President Joe Biden’s doubt about the supposed withdrawal.


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