What the papers say – February 13

The threat of war from Russia as well as gossip about TV psychics and the royal family are covered on Sunday’s front pages.

13 February 2022

Today’s papers mix coverage of Russia’s looming invasion of Ukraine with celebrity and royal gossip.

The Observer carries mounting tensions between Russia and the US after a phone call was held between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden as western diplomats try to avert war in Ukraine.

The Sunday Times cites the Defence Secretary in its splash after he likened last-minute western diplomatic efforts to stop Russian aggression to appeasement, saying there is a “whiff of Munich in the air”.

The Sunday Telegraph also splashes with the crisis, reporting Mr Putin could be planning a “false flag” event as a pretext for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Express has Jacob Rees-Mogg talking up the “big wins” which are in the pipeline now the UK has cut ties with the EU.

Sunday People features a prediction about the Duke of Sussex’s forthcoming memoir, with a “pal” of Harry’s telling the newspaper the book will make clear his feelings about his stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Sunday Mirror reports serial killer Levi Bellfield has allegedly backtracked on his his confession to the murders of Lin Russell and her six-year-old daughter 26 years ago.

And the Daily Star Sunday splashes with a story about the TV psychic Sally Morgan and her claim she “talks” to her dead husband.


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