Technology and the workplace

Use the power of technology to stay connected during the pandemic and beyond

By Vasso Georgiou

In many ways, the pandemic forced businesses of all shapes and sizes to become more agile. That means pivoting to new ways of collaborating to ensure that – despite not being in the same office – teams remain connected, informed and engaged.

Part of that pivot involved experimenting with technology, specifically communication, productivity and conferencing tools to ensure effective business continuity.

With no shortage of these tools and applications available on the market, here are some of the software tools that have helped many businesses stay connected. for project and work management
Staying on top of tasks and quickly checking who’s working on a given project, what’s the deadline and status update, has never been more important, especially when you don’t have colleagues popping over your desk to remind you about the deadline. Just because the team is decentralised doesn’t mean that work has to be, so tools like are great to help team members stay focused and productive. 

Slack for instant communication
Slack, the instant messaging application for business, has taken the modern workspace by storm. Especially at times where face-to-face communication isn’t an option, being able to communicate instantly with your colleagues is key to keep the conversation going and progress flowing. From improved and streamlined communication to seamless collaboration on projects, the business advantages of using a chat platform are many. 

Zoom for video conferencing
Working remotely is great, but it’s missing something very important: human connection. Video conferencing tools like Zoom really help with the human element missing by enabling stronger communication and creating more opportunities for the free flow of information – a necessity for maintaining a ‘normal’ working environment and making a connection with customers. 

Google Drive for file sharing and collaboration
No technology stack would be complete without a file sharing tool. With Google Drive you cannot only store documents and transfer large files easily, but also work together with colleagues on a document, spreadsheet or presentation in real-time, with every version being tracked and saved automatically. A big part of working remotely is easily and seamlessly sharing your work so thanks to Google Drive, teams can now collaborate with peers no matter their geographic distance. 

If anything, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and innovation in a way we never would have imagined. Looking forward, it’s not completely clear as to how many businesses will choose to continue working from home, but at the same time it doesn’t matter because technology tools like, Slack, Zoom and Google Drive exist to ensure teams remain connected and productive. 


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