Raab removed from international stage

Raab replaced by Truss in Cabinet Reshuffle

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On 15 September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a Cabinet reshuffle. There had been much speculation in the media that a reshuffle was imminent, particularly after several Cabinet MPs failed to voice their own opinions against Johnson’s raising of the health and social care tax. Perhaps a sign that they feared for their positions. The plan broke the Conservative Manifesto causing much outcry in the Commons and from the general public.

Liz Truss, formerly the International Trade Secretary, has replaced Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary. Fellow MPs and the public heavily criticised Raab when he failed to return home from his holiday as the Afghani government collapsed. Many called for his resignation, but Johnson permitted him to stay. The government fell sooner than expected as the Taliban took control, putting the civil liberties and lives of millions of Afghans at risk.

Raab is now the Deputy Prime Minister, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor. A trained lawyer, Raab has experience in the field.

Truss was the favourite to become the next Foreign Secretary, with Michael Gove a possible appointment too. He moves to Housing Secretary.

Whitehall has been “paralysed by speculation” of a reshuffle, with very little work being achieved. This is a good moment for the reshuffle as the Conservative Party conference looms in early October and Johnson is away next week.


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