Queen holds in-person audience with Governor of New South Wales

The monarch carried out the official engagement at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

22 June 2022

The Queen has welcomed Australia’s Governor of New South Wales to Windsor Castle for a face-to-face audience.

The monarch, 96, met retired judge Margaret Beazley on Wednesday at her Berkshire home.

She was pictured standing without her walking stick, wearing a summery bright yellow dress with a blue floral pattern.

Audience at Windsor Castle
The Queen shakes hands with the Governor of New South Wales Margaret Beazley (Andrew Matthews/PA)

The pair were pictured shaking hands during the official engagement as the monarch greeted the Governor in her Oak Room sitting room.

On Tuesday, the Queen met with the Archbishop of Canterbury who presented her with a special Canterbury Cross for her “unstinting service” to the Church of England during her long reign.

The Queen is monarch of Australia and Ms Beazley is her representative in New South Wales.


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