Liz Truss: the new Foreign Secretary

Truss moves from International Trade to the Foreign Office

Liz TrussCREDIT:

Liz Truss, the former International Business Secretary, has replaced Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary. Elected as an MP in 2010, this is Truss’ first major role in the Cabinet. It makes her only the second female foreign secretary after Labour’s Margaret Beckett (2006-2007).

Formerly, Truss had some success as International Business Secretary. She shook on a trade deals with Japan, a prospective deal with Australia and negotiations with New Zealand were underway. Truss made over 60 rollover trade deals and negotiated substantial new pacts with 96 countries. However, her critics argue that she did not make a single deal that the UK did not already have with the EU.

Commentators also accused her of being “too nice” for allowing her counterparts to get a better deal than the UK. For example, when negotiating with Australia, she removed “a reference to Paris Agreement temperature goals” in order to get the deal over the line. A major omission from the deal.

Her predecessor in the Foreign Office, Dominic Raab, has a reputation as a more combative diplomat. Raab had taken a firm stance against Russia and China, which will likely soften with Truss in office.

Moreover, Truss is popular among Conservatives, where she has a reputation for getting things done. She has had a meteoric rise, from Environment Secretary to Justice Secretary to Internatioanal Trade Secretary to the Foreign Office. She is also the incumbent Minister for Women and Equalities.

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