Key events following Harry Dunn’s death

Anne Sacoolas pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving on Thursday.

20 October 2022

US citizen Anne Sacoolas has pleaded guilty to causing Harry Dunn’s death by careless driving during virtual proceedings at the Old Bailey.

Here are the key events following the 19-year-old’s death:

– 2019

– August 27:

Motorcyclist Harry Dunn collides with a Volvo outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

He is taken to the John Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford and pronounced dead soon after arrival.

– August 28:

Northamptonshire Police interview 42-year-old suspect Anne Sacoolas in connection with the crash.

Harry Dunn death
Harry Dunn was killed in a road crash outside RAF Croughton in August 2019 (Family handout/PA)

– September 13:

A request to waive diplomatic immunity claimed by Sacoolas is formally rejected by the US.

– September 15:

Sacoolas leaves the country on a United States Air Force plane but the Dunn family is not told until three weeks later.

Northamptonshire Police are also not told.

– October 5:

Then-foreign secretary Dominic Raab urges then-US ambassador Woody Johnson to waive immunity for Sacoolas.

– October 6:

Police write to the US embassy in London to demand immunity is waived.

Harry Dunn death
US citizen Anne Sacoolas appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in September (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

– October 7:

Then-prime minister Boris Johnson says the US should “reconsider its position” on the immunity given to Sacoolas.

– October 9:

Mr Johnson speaks to then-US president Donald Trump to ask him to reconsider the US’s position.

– October 12:

Sacoolas breaks her silence and issues a statement through her lawyer, saying the crash left her “devastated”.

– October 14:

Mr Dunn’s family holds a press conference in New York after taking its fight for justice to the US.

– October 15:

The White House calls an “urgent” meeting with Mr Dunn’s family, which holds talks with Mr Trump.

His mother Charlotte Charles and father Tim Dunn refuse to meet Sacoolas, who was in the room next door as they met Mr Trump.

Harry Dunn death
The parents of 19-year-old Harry Dunn leaving Westminster Magistrates’ Court (PA)

– October 31:

Northamptonshire Police confirm they have interviewed Sacoolas and are passing a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

– December 20:

The CPS reaches the decision to charge Sacoolas with causing death by dangerous driving.


– January 10:

The Home Office submits an extradition request for Sacoolas.

– January 23:

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo formally rejects the extradition request for Sacoolas.

– January 24:

Mr Raab says the UK “would have acted differently if this had been a UK diplomat serving in the US”.

– May 11:

Mr Dunn’s family receives an email from Northamptonshire Police saying Sacoolas is “wanted internationally” and reports of an Interpol notice being issued for the suspect follow.

– May 12:

The US State Department says the decision not to extradite Sacoolas is “final”.

– May 20:

Ms Charles calls for Mr Raab’s resignation.

Reforms to stop Russian oligarchs
Harry Dunn’s mother urged Dominic Raab to resign as foreign secretary over his handling of the case (PA)

– July 22:

Mr Raab announces the “anomaly” that allowed Sacoolas to have diplomatic immunity asserted on her behalf following the crash has been amended.

– August 25:

The Lord Chancellor says then-attorney general Suella Braverman is considering the possibility of trying Sacoolas virtually or in her absence.

– September 9:

Mr Dunn’s parents file a civil claim against Sacoolas in the US.

– September 10:

Sacoolas’s legal representatives admit the suspect was driving on the wrong side of the road for 20 seconds before the crash.

– November 24

Mr Dunn’s parents lose their High Court battle with the Foreign Office over the diplomatic immunity asserted on behalf of Sacoolas.

– 2021

– January 24

The Foreign Office apologises after “unprofessional and unacceptable language” was used by officials in internal emails about Mr Dunn’s bereaved family.

– January 28 

New US president Joe Biden’s administration maintains the position the decision not to extradite Sacoolas is “final”.

– March 9

Sacoolas’s lawyer says the suspect is willing to complete community service.

– June 12

Mr Raab says the UK Government would seek a “virtual trial or process” for Sacoolas.

– July 2

Mr Dunn’s parents give evidence under oath in their “depositions” as part of the civil claim for damages filed in the US.

– September 21

Mr Dunn’s parents and Sacoolas reach a “resolution” in the civil claim for damages filed in the US.

– December 13

The CPS confirm Sacoolas’s case is due to be heard at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in January 2022.


-January 14

The CPS say the hearing date has been vacated to enable “ongoing discussions”.

– September 26

The CPS says Sacoolas’s case has been rescheduled for September 29.

– September 29

Sacoolas appears virtually from the US at Westminster Magistrates’ Court – ending the Dunn family’s three-year campaign for her to face the UK justice system.

– October 20

Sacoolas pleads guilty to causing Harry Dunn’s death by careless driving after appearing virtually at the Old Bailey.

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