Germany Election: SPD takes narrow victory

Social Democrats overcome Merkel’s party in Germany election


According to preliminary results, the Social Democrats (SPD) have won the most votes in Germany’s national election. However, results released late on Sunday 26 September suggest that the SPD will not have an outright majority.

The SPD, whose leader is Olaf Scholz, won 25.7% of the votes. The Christian Democrats (CDU) won 24.1% of the votes, the fewest number of votes it has received in seven decades.

Angela Merkel is the former leader of the CDU, who have been in power for sixteen years. Merkel said that she would be stepping down as leader this year.

Unable to win an majority, it looks like the SPD will have to form a coalition

Similarly to the recent general election in Norway, climate change played a major role in the national debate. Consequently, the Green Party made history, winning almost 15% of the vote.

Annalena Baerbock, leader of the Greens, expressed an interest in forming a coalition with the SPD. Scholz also expressed a willingness to do so.

Since the Second World War, German politics has been dominated by the centre-right Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, ruling in coalition. With the large turnout for the Greens, it looks like Germany will have a three-way coalition.

The far-right Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) won 11% of the vote.



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