A seamlessly connected future powered by 5G?

5G will have a bigger impact than the introduction of electricity

By Vasso Georgiou


Covid-19 has shown the importance of connectivity, digitalisation and innovation. That’s why investment in building infrastructure for 5G technology, the next generation of mobile technology, has the potential to advance the UK’s status as a world-leading digital economy.

With business meetings being transitioned to conference calls, face-to-face learning environments becoming virtual classrooms and spending more time indoors than usual, we depend on the ability to connect across distance.

Digital connectivity is therefore no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Just like flicking the switch to turn on the lights, we have come to expect reliable, fast and uninterrupted connectivity.

5G is faster than 4G, but that’s not what makes it transformational

Staying connected has undoubtedly become a defining feature of the modern world – especially during the current pandemic – and 5G will prove fundamental to delivering faster and better mobile broadband, as well as enabling more revolutionary uses across different sectors, and supporting growth in urban and rural areas.

5G is not just the next ‘G’, but instead a completely different way of connecting everyone and everything together, including people, places, machines, objects and devices. For example:

• In healthcare, 5G connected ambulances will enable remote diagnostics from a doctor at the hospital, in real-time.

• In manufacturing, 5G will help organisations further improve factory automation and human-machine interaction and thus increase efficiency and production, while reducing costs.

• In education, 5G will bring a new definition to tele-teaching, virtual classroom and team-working, and thus an enhanced educational experience to students.

• In transportation, 5G will help make journeys faster and safer, while also cutting air pollution.

• In public services, the ability to connect an array of smart devices and systems could transform emergency services communications, thus improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public safety service delivery.

• 5G also has the potential to bridge the digital gap between cities and the countryside and support the rural economy.

The 5G future is now

The innovation possibilities are endless! 5G is going to revolutionise the way we live and work, and transform every industry by opening up incredible opportunities to increase efficiencies – not to mention it will be crucial to the UK’s post-Covid-19 future!

Although it may seem like science fiction, we are moments away from embarking on a seamlessly-connected future. And as O2’s Chief Technology Officer Brendan O’Reilly said: ‘5G will have a bigger impact than the introduction of electricity.’

Vasso Georgiou is Marketing Director at digital media agency Marketing Town



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